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International Student Voice Guarantees Scholarships for International Students

International Student Voice has provided scholarships to international students since 2011. Since international students do not qualify for most scholarships that are available, we believe it is critical to provide equal access no matter where a student is from.

Over the years, we have helped students from all parts of the world in a variety of ways. From photo and essay contests, to bi-weekly microscholarships. We have helped more than 100 international students and are ready to help many, many more!

We are now providing more scholarship opportunities to help many more international students.

When an international student works with International Student Voice from the beginning of the application process and attends one of our preferred universities or colleges, they automatically receive an ISV scholarship.

Our team will help students with the application process, provide resources and support, plus guarantee a scholarship to support students in their first year of study. We have partnered with some of the best universities and colleges in the United States and Canada and are continuing to expand to Australia, and New Zealand.

To showcase the influence ISV scholarships have on international students, below are testimonials from past scholarship recipients.

international student scholarships

Mary Magdalene Chumbow received a $500 ISV Scholarship from participating in a photo contest.

Mary Magdalene Chumbow

Home Country: Cameroon

“As a Christian, the first thing that comes to mind is that this could only be by God’s grace and for me, all glory, no matter how big or small, go back to Him; My baby, JP, and I, keep looking forward to seeing the great things He has planned for us in this new nation He has placed us in. I would like to thank the ISV team once more for this opportunity that it is giving international students from across the globe, to share their amazing experiences on such a great platform.”

international student scholarships

Katherine Zapaca from Honduras received a $500 ISV scholarship by participating in an essay contest discussing how to overcome challenges as an international student. “Thank you so much for selecting me as the winner!!! I am so beyond happy!!! Thank you for being a voice for international students!!!”

international student scholarships

Chongchao Li from China received a $500 ISV Scholarship from participating in an essay contest.

Chongchao Li

Home Country: China

“Receiving recognition from a magazine that cares about international students for writing about the most pertinent topics to the community of international students – that is pretty profound and awesome.”

international student scholarships

Mashail Alfallaj from Saudi Arabia received a $500 scholarship from participating in an essay contest.

Mashail Alfallaj

Home Country: Saudi Arabia

“I just felt that I wanted to share my voice with those who feel afraid and hesitant to follow their dreams. I merely want to share a positive message in times of need and doubt. I am a strong believer in humanity, and that is why I sent you my article.

I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to share my voice during the time of doubt and confusion. I am also profoundly honored to be chosen as one of the winners.”

Do you want to provide automatic scholarships to your international students?

Apply to be an ISV preferred university or college!

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