International student scholarships and other ways to finance your education in the United States

You want to study in the United States. You found the perfect academic program at a great university.

But how do you pay?

International student scholarships

A scholarship is defined as free money that you earn or you are eligible to receive that can be used to pay your tuition and other education-related bills. And finding scholarships for international students can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look and also depending on which university/college you plan to attend.

We put together some helpful tips when it comes to finding scholarships for international students to help fund your education in the United States and why working with International Student Voice helps save you from overpaying for your education.

1. Pick the right university or college

Universities and colleges in the United States offer a variety of scholarships for students. There is good news and bad news about this. The bad news is that international students are not eligible for many of the scholarships. These kind of scholarships are usually funded by money provided to the university by the U.S. government or the government of the state. That is why only domestic students can receive them.

However, there is still good news! There are still several universities and colleges who have established scholarships for international students. When you are looking for the right university/college, look to see if they have scholarships for international students. Many have “automatic” scholarships, meaning an international student will receive some kind of automatic scholarship when they are admitted. Others will offer international students scholarships in return if the students agree to educate others about their home countries through presentations and high school visits.

International Student Voice has partnered with universities and colleges who automatically award scholarships to international students. When you work with us, we’ll help you find the best scholarships!

2. Find Eligible Scholarships for International Students

There are many different types of scholarships for international students offered by different companies and organizations. But some scholarships have a ton of criteria that you need to meet. Some scholarships are only for students from certain countries. Some scholarships are only for students studying certain majors. While you’re looking for scholarships for international students, make sure you are paying attention to the criteria before you spend a ton of time working on a scholarship application only to realize later that you are not eligible.

International Student Voice has partnered with companies who provide loans to international students, no collateral needed! We also find sponsors for a variety of scholarship opportunities.

3. Prepare the Necessary Scholarship Documents

Depending on the scholarship, you may need to provide additional documentation. Some additional documentation includes admission letters, transcripts, and essays. More than likely you will need to write an essay for a scholarship application. Many international students will write one essay and then use that same essay to apply for a variety of scholarships. While we understand that is easier, it can really hurt your chances of receiving a scholarship. While you can use many of the same elements of the essay, you need to make sure at least some part of it is personalized to the scholarship you are applying for. You need to make the case why you are the best student to receive this particular scholarship.

International Student Voice will review your essays and provide you additional tips on how to write a scholarship-winning essay!

4. Meet Scholarship Application Deadlines

There are many international students who are looking for scholarships. If you miss the scholarship application deadline, you have just guaranteed that you will have no chance in receiving the scholarship. Doesn’t matter how good your scholarship essay was!

It can be super competitive. So why would you let a super simple thing like not meeting a deadline automatically eliminate your chances of receiving a scholarship? Stay organized and make sure you keep track of the scholarship deadlines!

International Student Voice prepares a customized calendar for you so you can keep track of all your important deadlines!

5. Apply for Many Scholarships!

Don’t just rely on one scholarship. If there are many scholarships you are eligible for, you should apply. Again, scholarships can be super-competitive. Even though you think you are the best person to receive the scholarship, there are so many amazing students like yourself out there! The more scholarships you apply for, the greater your chances of receiving at least one.

International Student Voice can help you find scholarships. However, if you attend one of our partner universities, chances are you won’t need to apply for many more scholarships!