What would make it easier for you to pursue your master’s degree in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom?

Perhaps not having to worry about how you’re going to finance your education? Would that help? 

According to the 2019 Open Doors Report distributed each year by the Institute of International Education, an overwhelming majority of international students in the U.S. rely on their families to fund their education. 

Institute of International Education Open Doors Report graph on international students' primary source of funding for master's degree.
The primary source of funding for international students studying in the United States in 2019 came from family or personal finances (Graphic from the Open Doors Report from the Institute of International Education).

We’re sure your family will do anything for you. Has your family been saving every cent and dollar for your education? Or perhaps they are discussing putting your home as collateral in order to receive a loan from the bank. 

You may be thinking, but there are opportunities to earn a graduate assistantship that covers the cost of tuition.

Yes, but they are extremely competitive and though your tuition for a master’s degree is covered, most do not provide a stable enough income for basic living costs. 

There is Hope: Prodigy Finance

What if you and your family did not have to bear such a financial burden? What if you could find a way to have enough money so you can just focus on your master’s degree and the next step of your career?

International Student Voice is a proud partner of Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance allows students to realize their full potential and achieve their career goals without having to carry the stressful burden of funding their education. 

A loan from Prodigy means you can receive 100% of the full funding needed to complete your master’s degree, including tuition and living expenses. You will receive the most competitive interest rates available and the best part? 

You do not need a co-signer or collateral. 

Prodigy Finance can provide a loan for an international student ot earn a master's degree.
Nearly 20,000 international students have utilized loans from Prodigy Finance to fund their education.

Imagine the feeling of not having to worry about how you’re going to pay the next tuition bill and the feeling knowing you are not bringing financial stress to your family.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

The ISV team is comprised of former international students and university professionals. We have never seen a financial company this dedicated to helping international students fund their education. 

And we would not partner with a company if we did not feel they have the best interest of international students. Nearly 20,000 international students have already utilized Prodigy Finance loans to fund their master degree programs, turning the heads of major media giants like the New York Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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