funding your education

International Student Voice Scholarship Guarantee

When it comes to funding your education, our team wants to help! When you work with our team to apply to an ISV preferred university or college, you automatically receive a $500 scholarship.

Health Insurance from International Student Protection

When it comes to funding your education, you need to also calculate the cost of health insurance. It is mandatory for most international students to have health insurance and International Student Protection provides affordable, quality health plans.

Funding Your Master’s Degree

No co-signers or collateral needed. Just a stress-free loan from Prodigy Finance so you can focus on your education and not worry about funding your education.

How to Search for International Student Scholarships

You want to study in the United States or perhaps another country. Great! But how do you even start looking for international student scholarships? Following these basic tips can prevent financial heartache when it comes to funding your education.