Central Washington University International Student Wins Scholarship Photo Contest

International Student Voice is proud to award a $500 scholarship to Esther Lo, who in a single photo showed how she is staying positive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The Spread Positivity, Not the Virus Scholarship Photo Contest hosted by International Student Voice gave the opportunity to international students studying in the United States during fall 2020 to showcase how they are staying positive during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Nearly 100 international students inquired and participated in the photo contest on Instagram. ISV selected 12 finalists from varying universities and colleges.
  • International Student Protection, in partnership with International Student Voice, sponsored the $500 scholarship.

ELLENSBURG, WASHINGTON/Sept. 4, 2020—International Student Voice is proud to announce Esther Lo the winner of the fall 2020 Spread Positivity, Not the Virus Scholarship Photo Contest. Ester, who is a native of Hong Kong, will receive a $500 scholarship to help with her studies during fall 2020.

“I am currently majoring in interdisciplinary studies-social science. After that, I plan to pursue a master’s degree with the hopes of becoming a counselor or therapist. The financial assistance will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses and it will allow me to concentrate more of my time for studying,” Esther Lo shared.

We are living in an unprecedented situation, but it’s during times like this we can find opportunity and creativity. In order to help the positivity spread faster than any kind of virus, International Student Voice called for international students to submit photos showcasing how they are remaining positive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

International students took to Instagram and showcased the variety of ways they are staying positive. Esther was able to showcase how to make the best of any difficult situation with her photo and caption.

“This picture was taken last weekend at Mount Rainer National Park. It was my first time there even though I have been in Washington State for more than 5 years. At the beginning of the pandemic, I felt like I was stuck here in America since normally I would go back to Hong Kong to visit my family during summer break. Now that my OPT is finished, I realize this could be a chance for me to really explore the beauty of nature and what America has to offer before I continue my studies at Central Washington University,” Ester stated in her entry.

Ester also opened up about suffering from depression when she first arrived to the United States and that despite the pandemic, she was able to find ways to stay positive.

“If I could stay positive during this pandemic, I’m sure you can too! Let’s look at it as a time for us to renew and learn about ourselves instead of being stuck,” Ester stated in her entry. Her plans include being able to help students just like herself who suffer from depression.

“I hope that one day I could help students who are struggling like me to pursue their dreams and passion,” Ester stated.

International Student Voice has been providing resources, such as scholarships, to international students since 2011. The mission of the organization is to inspire global change and cultivate the next generation of leaders, one student at a time by advising international students who want to pursue their education in the United States or Canada.

“We are thrilled to add Esther to our growing list of international students who have received an International Student Voice scholarship,” stated Eron Memaj, Managing Director. “Every student who works with us and attends one of our partner universities or colleges does receive an ISV scholarship, but there are so many current students who are in need. We are glad to be able to help in some way.”

Esther Lo, Central Washington University

This scholarship was made possible through a partnership with International Student Protection, a company specialized in providing both quality and affordable health insurance to international students studying in the United States. International Student Protection sponsored the $500 scholarship.

International Student Voice will continue to provide scholarship opportunities to international students throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.