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Trying to understand health care in the United States can be pretty complicated. Even worse, it can be very expensive.

A single doctor’s visit can be a few hundred dollars or a stay in the hospital can easily cost several thousands of dollars. Even most Americans could never afford such large sums of money!

So having a great insurance plan is absolutely necessary, especially for international students who are not familiar with healthcare in the United States. Individuals must purchase a health insurance plan that covers things like doctor visits or emergencies to the hospital.

It’s even more important to work with a health insurance provider who can offer you an affordable plan that is easy to understand and you’re confident that you will be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

why international student protection

International Student Voice has been partners with International Student Protection (ISP) since 2011 and we have the utmost confidence in the insurance plans they provide to international students. ISP provides affordable plans to students and easy-to-follow instructions when you need to use your insurance!

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Plus, ISP is all about customer service. Whenever you have questions, you can talk to a live, fully-trained customer service representative.

Additionally, it’s so easy to sign up! Everything is done online and you will immediately receive coverage confirmation, a temporary ID card, and a certificate of individual health insurance so you can show everyone that you’re covered!

What This Means For You…

When it comes to studying the United States, we understand there are many items you need to prepare. However, selecting a good health insurance plan isn’t something you should wait to do last minute. You never know when an unexpected emergency may arise and you don’t want want to be strapped with an expensive medical bill.

Let us put this straight. You are in good hands with International student protection.

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