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Study in the United States and Thrive

International Students: News and Resources for Living and Succeeding in the USA

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Your Visa-to-Citizenship Resource for International Students

We launched International Student Voice in 2011 with a simple mission: Advocate for international students in the U.S. by sharing their stories.

Not just the good stories. Even the stories no one wants you to hear. 

The truth is: The United States remains to be the land of opportunity...but only when you know how to navigate the country. 

There are the rules, sure. But then there are the unspoken rules, pockets in the system international students often learn about when it's too late...or wasted time and money trying to figure out. 

We've grown and shifted our mission to serve you better: Be an all-in-one resource for everything you need to know to be successful. And continue to share stories and important news updates along the way.

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How It Works

News and Resources for
Studying in the United States and Succeeding

1. Finding the Right University...and Affording It

2. Understanding USA Immigration

The USA is a huge country with more than 4,300 universities and colleges. The key is finding the best fit without draining your parents' bank account. We cover news and resources to help you:

  • Shortlist high-quality universities and colleges

  • Find the best scholarships and cost-saving tips for international students

  • Discover the best states with a low cost of living 

  • Find graduate assistantships that pay your tuition

Understandably, dealing with visas and other immigration matters can seem really scary and intimidating, especially when complicated language is involved. We cover news and resources to help you:

  • Learn about the different types of student visas

  • Understand the process of applying for a student visa 

  • Practice the best tips for doing well on your visa interview 

  • Understand the rules for staying legal while studying in the U.S.

3. Living and Working in the United States as an International Student

4. To Stay or Not to Stay? Immigrating to the United States

Many international students decide, instead of returning home, to try to stay in the U.S. But how does immigrating work?  We cover news and resources to help you:

  • Discover all the ways thousands of people earn a U.S. green card each year

  • Learn the steps of an employer-sponsored green card (H-1B to permanent resident) 

  • Learn and assess the green card self-sponsorship method

  • Find the best immigration attorneys following our tips and warning signs

When your feet touch U.S. soil, it can be like landing on another planet. New culture, new rules, but so much to discover.  We cover news and resources to help you:

  • Learn immediate first steps for starting life in the U.S.

  • Discover campus life and how to make American friends 

  • Understand the complexity of U.S. health insurance 

  • Navigate applying and securing jobs on and off campus 

  • Understanding OPT, CPT, and H-1B working visa

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What International Students Have to Say

"I am so happy and beyond grateful that I am a recipient of this scholarship. I am here today because I receive opportunities from other people."

- Jenny M., Thailand

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